Built for the Extreme: Wellhead Solutions reaching the remotest locations; braving the harshest climates


Oil and Gas companies around the world have gone to exciting new extremes to find new reserves. The quest for energy has taken them to extremely forbidding and unforgiving places in the remotest of locations around the world. Sakhalin Island; Russia’s largest island in the east of the country along the Pacific Coast is about as extremely forbidding and unforgiving as they come.

Stretching nearly 1000 km northwards along the mainland’s east coast, Sakhalin Island forms a tedious and unfriendly strip of mountains and dense swampy coniferous forests. Working conditions are brutal with long and harsh subarctic winters; temperatures averaging up to a bone-chilling -24oC while temperatures as cold as -54oC have also been reported. Heavy snow can come down even in March and the workers have to keep the places clear of snow and ice six months a year. The grim picture is completed by the frequent sight of bears roaming about the woods and the outskirts of towns.

But the island is rich with oil and gas reserves totaling an estimated 14 billion barrels and 96 trillion cubic feet respectively enabling Sakhalin to experience an energy boom with extensive exploration and mining by major oil and gas companies.

INTECH’s services were requested by one of the major oil and gas companies in the world who was operating a project to locate and produce oil and gas on the island and immediately offshore from three fields.

INTECH was called in to provide a 20-well HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) and three HMUs (Hydraulic Manifold Units) solution which could withstand the brutal conditions while performing at the required flexibility and efficiency levels. Each HMU was to serve 6 wells with 18 FCVs (Flow Control Valves), in N+1 configuration. Additionally, the HPU included hydraulic circuitry controls 2 wells for 6 FCVs for a complete solution of 20-wells.

Along with working conditions complicated by harsh subarctic weather, there were significant challenges involved in understanding the local cultural, political and physical environments as it was critical to success. INTECH’s team, to the delight of the client, tackled all these challenges with dexterity, diligence and patience and delivered a complete solution, within the specified timelines, that was BUILT FOR THE EXTREME; standing robustly against the subarctic harshness of the region as well as performing with the flexibility and efficiency that the client desired.

INTECH’s scope of services included:

  • HPU & Panel design
  • Functional Design Specification & Layout Drawing
  • Panel Hydraulic Schematics
  • HPU System common modular style Hydraulic Schematics
  • Panel Electrical Schematics and Wiring Drawings
  • Project Management
  • HPU Controller Software Configuration Objects

The overall scope of supply included:

  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Hydraulic Manifold Unit
  • PLC Controller
  • Marshalling Cabinet for HPU and PLC
  • Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitters
  • Fluid Flow Meters – ATEX Ex ia certified
  • Motor

Since 1992, INTECH has completed over 700 major upstream onshore and offshore Oil & Gas projects for most Majors, leading NOCs, and many IOCs working both directly as well as subcontractor to leading global as well as local EPCs. INTECH has delivered many projects and systems under collaborative relationship with key Oil & Gas OEMs including Schlumberger, Halliburton, Weatherford, Superior, Cameron and others. INTECH is a vendor neutral automation solutions provider with expertise with almost all instrumentation and control vendor equipment.

About INTECH Wellhead Solutions

INTECH’s Wellhead Automation Solutions cover design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation & maintenance of Wellhead Systems in any location worldwide. Our wellhead products cover generic and custom built vendor-neutral solutions which range from hydraulic control panels and subsea master control stations to artificial lift optimization solutions, pump-off controllers, wellhead RTUs and injection skids. INTECH’s dedicated panel shops in USA and UAE help deliver UL certified panels in record times without compromising standards and quality.
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