Luis Castillo

23 septiembre, 2017

Partial Discharge: Detection, Location & Continuous Monitoring of Transformers

Partial Discharge (PD) measurements allow you to assess the health of an insulation system using non-invasive measurement and analysis methods. While partial discharge is a widely […]
10 noviembre, 2016

The Weakest Link

Wouldn’t it be great if your assets could talk to you when they are “in pain”? What if you could have had a small warning before […]
10 noviembre, 2016

Built for the Extreme: Wellhead Solutions reaching the remotest locations; braving the harshest climates

Oil and Gas companies around the world have gone to exciting new extremes to find new reserves. The quest for energy has taken them to extremely […]
30 octubre, 2016

Safety Culture – ensuring you have one

The definition is simple: safety culture refers to the ways that safety issues are addressed in a workplace. It reflects attitudes, beliefs, and values employees share in relation to safety. A strong […]
30 octubre, 2016

Best Practices for Condition Monitoring Programs

Condition Monitoring programs provide meaningful information that helps you reduce risk, lower failure rates, anticipate issues and keep your operations running smoothly. Consider following a few […]